Walk towards the li

A photographic experience where you feel the fizz bubble your blood and the shadows soothe your blazing skin.

See movement and passion explode in the dance portrait series, Sexy Young Things Dance exhibition. Understand how to create photographs that will excite you, intrigue you and move you.

What do I get?

See the amazing Sexy Young Things Dance exhibition

Chat with the artist Albert Comper and pick his brain

Recreate the dance photo shoot in a professional studio

Make a movement image to keep

Presented in a large print format, see photos that show the love, energy and essence of dance.  Find out how Albert Comper realised his creative concept, designed a photo shoot, manipulated light and drew out the best from his subjects and equipment.

Then recreate the Sexy Young Things Dance photo shoot in Albert Comper’s studio. Step behind the looking glass and see how it was done. Be a subject and be a photographer. Gain technical and creative knowledge and use it to make your own movement photo that you keep forever.

            What: Sexy Young Things Dance Experience

            When: Sunday 13 March, 2pm- 5.30pm   

                                                                                            Where: Penthouse Mouse, Shed 4, Victoria Harbour,

                                                                                                         Docklands. Transfer to the photography studio is

                                                                                                         included and you will be returned to the exhibition

                                                                                                         venue at the end of the day.

                                                                   Cost: $44 inc. GST                                               

        The Sexy Young Thing Dance exhibition is presented by Penthouse Mouse 

        during L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.


“Lot’s of fun”

“I enjoyed being able to be in front of the camera despite being terrified beforehand!”

Follow the Pied Pipers

Experience a musical installation that warms your blood, fills your lungs, pounds your heart, tickles your ears, broadens your smile and dances with your mind.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing combination of sound, light and imagination of Music for Imagined Dances.

What do I get?
Experience the beautiful musical installation
Enjoy a glass of wine
Relax with fascinating conversation with curators Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey

Hear Music for Imagined Dances, a collection of music hand picked from the last 100 years. Each half hour session follows a unique thread pulled in real time from a randomly generated playlist. Some pieces were written specifically for contemporary or classical  dance. Others were lovingly re-imagined for dance. All of them will

                                                                                make you buzz from your toes to your eyelashes.

Sit down with curators Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey for a glass of wine and a chat in the Dancehouse foyer. Climb inside their minds. How did they build this collection? How did they pull all the elements of the installation together? What was the thread between all the pieces played in the session?

What: Music for Imagined Dances Experience

When: Friday 18, or Saturday 26 March, 6.30pm- 7.45pm

Where: Dancehouse, 150 Princes Street, North Carlton. Melways: 2B H4

Cost: $11 inc. GST. 

Music for Imagined Dances is presented by Dancehouse as part of Dance Massive.


“I enjoyed chatting with the artists, getting to hear how the piece was made and hearing about their other work”

“I loved stretching my experience beyond my normal boundaries”

“Thank you and more please”

Speak up musical twitchers!

An evening of musical inspiration that will make you vibrate from your sticky-carpeted soles to the lights in your eyes.

Catch the rare, the beautiful and the effervescent The Guild League in their native habitat- the gig.

Tali White, one of Melbourne’s most articulate indie musicians, teams up with friends in The Guild League.

Their music is rich, melodic and frequently jaunty. The lyrics evoke worlds you just love to wander through. Hear a bit of their work now.
What do I get?

Exclusive chat with band members, including Tali White and Gerry Eeman

The Guild League’s latest CD, Speak Up

Ticket to the gig

Before the gig, chat with some of the composers and musicians of the band. Find out what makes them sing, play and soar through their musical world. Take home a copy of their latest CD, Speak up. But not before you see them perform in all their glory at the East Brunswick Club.

What: The Guild League experience
When: Saturday 14th May, 7.30pm - late (rock on)
Where: East Brunswick Club, 280 Lygon Street, East Brunswick
Cost: $55 inc. GST

Everyone go Raah!

A musical experience that will lift you up by your goosebumps and then tickle your eardrums until you can't take the pleasure anymore. 

A back stage pass just for you
Come and drink in 
The Raah Project's intoxicating blend of electronica, chamber orchestra, hip hop, pop, contemporary, dance and soul music. You'll see a side of the group that mere mortals are denied. 

Ooh, tell me more!
Backstage tour of The Melbourne Recital Centre
Private viewing of the band's rehearsal
                                                                                          Exclusive chat with Tamil Rogeon and Ryan Ritchie
                                                                                          Ticket to the gig

See how a band limbers up for magic by watching some of The Raah Project's rehearsal.

Explore the mysterious cogs and workings with a tour backstage.

Ask all those burning questions in a cosy conversation with Tamil Rogeon and Ryan Ritchie before the show.

Then experience the full gig in all its powerful melodic glory. 

Led by violinist Tamil Rogeon and vocalist Ryan Richie, the group also features amongst others, Julian Wilson, Carlo Barbero, Thai Matus and members of True Live and The Bamboos. 

What: The Raah Project Experience
When: Saturday 11 December, 5.30pm.

Where: The Melbourne Recital Centre, 31 Sturt Street, Southbank

Cost: $66 inc. GST. Or buy one and get another for only $22!


Get good bonnet with Tilly and Flora!

Come into the Parlour for improvised comedy that will make your heart bubble with glee and your eyes glow with literary delight!  

Be an eloquent and thrilling actor for a day as you step into a rehearsal and help the cast develop their show, In the Parlour with Tilly and Flora. And share in the charming tea-soaked scandals and shawl based adventures of spinster sisters, Flora and Mathilda Georgeson. 

Trim your best hat, put on your favourite pelisse, and order the barouche around directly. Come to experience the manners of Austen and Gaskell as actors Anna Renzenbrink and Jenny Lovell twist and play with the polite rules of Society for our amusement. 

What do I get?

Take part in a rehearsal with Ms Anna Renzenbrink and Ms Jenny Lovell

Tea, cake and gossip with the Ladies after the rehearsal

Ticket to watch a performance of In the Parlour with Tilly and Flora

You will work with the actors as they practice for their improvisation show in this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Your contribution might give wit and warmth that adds to the show’s success!

Then sit down and natter with Anna and Jenny over a cup of tea and cake after the rehearsal.

See if anything in the rehearsals made the cut on the night. Enjoy the improvised show,In the Parlour with Tilly and Flora.

What:      In The Parlour with Tilly and Flora experience
When:     Rehearsal: Sunday 24th of March, 2.30pm - 5pm
                Performance: Friday 5th of April, 7pm

Where:    Rehearsal: St Martins Youth Arts Centre, 28 St Martins Lane, South Yarra
                Performance: Comedy on Collins, 156 Collins Street, Melbourne

Cost:       $24.50 inc. GST (plus booking fee)


“I felt like I got more out of the performance, having been part of this experience”