With an Explosure Creative Experience, peek inside the creative process of the most imaginative minds. Your heart will dance, your blood will fizz and your eyes will snap with inspiration! 

You’ll meet some of the most dazzling, intriguing and welcoming creatives in the country. You'll get to learn things that are hidden from other audiences. You'll sit down and chat to creatives about their art, and you can even get your hands deliciously grimy making work with them.

You'll hear a secret or two, you'll get a helpful tip or three. You'll solve some mysteries and find the fascination in the creative mind. 

You’ll emerge from an Explosure Creative Experience sparkling with creative inspiration.

Come along to meet new friends, or bring another adventurous buddy. Either way, you’ll share the experience in a friendly, informal environment.

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Behind the curtains at Explosure are Cressida Bradley and Luke Hockley. They have both spent their lives collecting stories and sharing them with the world. They find it a passion, a compulsion and a true joy. Sometimes they carve their stories out of paper and material, sometimes they dance them, sing them or write them into cyberspace.

With Explosure they find the best artists and fellow story tellers, then introduce them to other creative sparks just like you.

The events are often surprising, sometimes amusing, and always inspiring.

Contact Cressida if you would like more information about Explosure’s opportunities and services.